I am creativing a page that will contain poems published, links to poetry, plays, fiction, and videos are online or reprinted on this site. Enjoy.





Lanette, Oasis Journal, Tucson 2016. Here.
Winter's End, poem, The Wild Word, Winter 2016, Read it here
Sylvester, Stoneboat Literary Journal, 2017
Fries, Gyroscope Review, Winter 2017


To come.


Pico: A Ten minute play, Steeltoe Review, October 2011. Read it, here
The List, Ten minute play, Box of Jars, Vol 2, Read it here
Dada's Home, Ten minute play, Steel Toe Review, April 2015. Read it here


The List, May 2010, Project Y, NYC. View here.
Keith Creates the Burgeroo, Oct 2014, Project Y, NYC. View here